See below for some of my vocal transcriptions.  I will be adding additional information about the transcriptions soon.  At present, I am actively working on transcribing the vocal music and lyrics from Adrian Le Roy's French renaissance guitar song book of 1555.  In addition to transcribing the vocal music, I am working with Johann to produce a combined score (both vocals and renaissance guitar music) for each song in Le Roy's book.  The original book is printed with the guitar part and vocal part on separate pages.  Combining these into a single, combined score, will make the music more accessible to modern musicians, and allows for an in-depth analysis of both the vocal and guitar parts.  In some of the pieces, missing accidentals, apparent typographical errors/misprints, etc. have been identified.


For each of the transcribed songs below, I have also included the facsimile copy of the original publication for comparison.

Contents of Le Roy (1555)

O Combien

Image to the Left:  O Combien, mensural notation from Le Roy (1555).  Image to the Right:  My initial transcription of the piece.

My transcription of O Combien

Mes pas semez

Mes pas semez, mensural notation from Adrian Le Roy (1555).  

Transcription of Mes pas semez

O Ma dame

O Ma dame, mensural notation from Le Roy (1555).  

My transcription of O Ma dame

Oyez tous amoureus

Oyez tous amoureus, mensural notation from Le Roy (1555)

Transcription of Oyez tous amoureus

Johann von Solothurn

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Johann von Solothurn

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