Johann von Solothurn

About Johann

Johann is a Bard and Court Musician within the SCA.  He resides along the southern border of the Barony of Black Diamond, in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  Johann was an apprentice of Master Efenwealt Wystle until his own elevation to the Order of the Laurel.  Johann has served his Barony and Kingdom as Baronial Bard, Royal Bard of Atlantia, and currently is serving his second term as one of Atlantia's Royal Players.  In addition to performing period music and SCA bardic pieces, Johann writes original renaissance guitar, vihuela and lute instrumental music, original Period-themed and SCA-themed bardic pieces, teaches classes in his areas of interest, organizes performing activities for events, hosts and/or judges bardic competitions, plays music for dancing, and generally spends lots of time around the bardic circle.  Johann's music/bardic and teaching activities have been recognized by Atlantia's AoA and GoA A&S awards (Coral Branch and Pearl, respectively), and more recently, by his elevation to the Order of the Laurel by King Cuan and Queen Signy.


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Johann's Heraldry in the site header rendered by Lord Etienne Le Mons

Photos of Johann are by Lady Helena Isabelle de Soleure

Johann von Solothurn

Johann is a bard and Court Musician in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  Johann enjoys sharing his art.  If you would like Johann to assist you in organizing or judging bardic/music competitions, teaching classes, or if you would like him to drop by your camp and perform, just send him a note (email below).  

Johann von Solothurn

Barony of Black Diamond

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