Come, Meet Me In Battle

This is a little war song that I wrote in preparation for War of the Wings in 2016.  The melody of the song is based on my renaissance guitar composition, "Queen Seonaid's Bransle" (with some modifications).  For more information on the bransle, click here.  For this song, I omitted the Picardy third ending from the bransle, as it just didn't work with this particular set of lyrics!

Staff notation and guitar chord arrangement for "Come Meet Me In Battle," by Johann von Solothurn

Lyric sheet for Come Meet Me In Battle

Johann von Solothurn

Johann is a bard and Court Musician in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  Johann enjoys sharing his art.  If you would like Johann to assist you in organizing or judging bardic/music competitions, teaching classes, or if you would like him to drop by your camp and perform, just send him a note (email below).  

Johann von Solothurn

Barony of Black Diamond

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