Atlantia, My Home

I wrote an earlier version of Atlantia, My Home several years ago (around 2007-2008, I think).  I also wrote a lute-style accompaniment for the guitar to go along with the piece at that time.  I wasn't really happy with either the original song, or my early attempt at a lute accompaniment.  When I decided to enter the Atlantian Royal Bard competition in 2015, one of the rounds of the Royal Bard competition called for a Kingdom Anthem or war song.  So, I rewrote Atlantia, My Home for that competition.  The result was a more patriotic Anthem in praise of my fair Kingdom of Atlantia.  Only the first verse remains from my original version of the song (the first "verse" can double as a chorus, or be sung as a single verse as shown in my arrangement below).  For the Royal Bard competition, I tossed my earlier (inadequate) attempt at lute accompaniment and wrote a new 4-course guitar accompaniment for the piece, as well as an alfabeto style 5-course guitar accompaniment.  See below for lyrics, staff notation and guitar chord arrangement for "Atlantia, My Home."  For more details on the period style guitar accompaniments, see the Atlantia, My Home on my "original compositions" page here.

Johann von Solothurn

Johann is a bard and Court Musician in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  Johann enjoys sharing his art.  If you would like Johann to assist you in organizing or judging bardic/music competitions, teaching classes, or if you would like him to drop by your camp and perform, just send him a note (email below).  

Johann von Solothurn

Barony of Black Diamond

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