Fuenllana (1554) - 5-course vihuela/guitar Transcriptions Project

In 1554, Miguel de Fuenllana published his vihuela/guitar book, Orphenica Lyra (the book is discussed here).  Fuenllana includes a number of 4-course guitar pieces in the book, as well as several pieces for a 5-course vihuela.  One of my ongoing transcription projects is transcribing the 5-course pieces from Fuenllana's book.  I will add more pieces when I finish the project - so check back later.  See below for a transcription of a fantasia for the 5-course vihuela from Orphenica Lyra.

Transcription of Fuenllana's Fantasia #4 (for 5-course vihuela) to staff notation and modern tablature.  Transcribed by Johann von Solothurn 

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Johann von Solothurn

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