Notation for the Period Guitar, Lute and Vihuela


This class was presented at Atlantian Fall University Session 105, 2020.  The class covers italian and french tablature notation for the renaissance guitar, lute and vihuela, and the alfabeto notation used for the late period guitar.  Alfabeto notation appears near the end of the SCA period, and eventually evolved to include a combination of alfabeto and italian tablature in the Baroque.  The class begins with a brief overview of the instruments & tuning considerations, then moves on to period style notation.  The material presented in this class should get you started working on your own transcriptions!


You can download the class materials below.  If you would prefer to just view the presentation on the website, keep scrolling!

Presentation Download - Notation for the Period Guitar Lute and Vihuela
The class presentation in .pdf format
Guitar Lute Vihuela Notation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 12.8 MB
Figures Download - Notation for the Period Guitar Lute and Vihuela
Full sized figures from the presentation, in .pdf format.
Figures_Notation for the Period Guitar.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 8.1 MB

Figures from the Presentation - Full Size

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