Thoughts of a King

"Thoughts of a King" is a song that was inspired by the Kings and Knights of my fair Kingdom of Atlantia.  Since I first started in the SCA, I've been impressed at the service and leadership shown by our Kings (and Queens!). Each one has been an inspiration, in their own way. I sat down to write a song about the journey from new fighter to Knight to King. This is the result.  One of the many things I love about the SCA is that anyone can become King, if they put in the time and effort to win the Crown.  One also must have a strong desire to serve to even consider entering the Crown Tournament.  So this song is really a story about the dedication, effort and service required for the SCAdian King's path to their Dream.  The song can be heard on the Pilot Episode of the Knowne World Bardcast here.  See below for lyrics and staff notation.

Lyrics for Thoughts of a King, by Johann von Solothurn

Staff notation for Thoughts of a King, by Johann von Solothurn

Johann von Solothurn

Johann is a bard and Court Musician in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  Johann enjoys sharing his art.  If you would like Johann to assist you in organizing or judging bardic/music competitions, teaching classes, or if you would like him to drop by your camp and perform, just send him a note (email below).  

Johann von Solothurn

Barony of Black Diamond

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