King William's Pavan

I wrote this piece for King William I while I was Baronial Bard for the Barony of Black Diamond.  William and Kara promoted dance throughout Their reign, which inspired my idea to compose a period-style dance piece for both of them.  I composed King William's Pavan for five-course guitar/vihuela, and set the piece to French Tablature, as would have been done in Period.  For this piece, the music of the Spanish vihuelist Luis Milan's Pavana I served as inspiration for some stylistic elements of the piece, including the double chords at the end of each phrase, although the piece is also influenced by the mid-1500s French guitarists.  I based the melody on a bardic piece that I had written earlier, "The Tournament."  This is in keeping with the tradition of John Dowland, who often composed dance pieces for the notables of his day, and also frequently used melodies from his dance pieces as melodies for separate lute songs, and vice versa (for example, Dowland's lutesong "Now O Now I Needs Must Part" shares its melody with his Frog Galliard).  After completing the staff notation and French Tablature, I asked my Lady, Helena Isabelle de Soleure, to do a more presentable version of the period notation.  Helena then took my Tablature notation and made it into a work of art.  Helena's scribal work is shown below (left image) along with the staff notation (lower right hand image).  Lady Helena and I presented the scribal work to King William in Court at King's Assessment in 2014.  This piece is also included in my guitar CD (click on the music player above to hear it, or check out my Bandcamp page).

King William's Pavan (in French Tablature)

Music and French Tablature by Johann von Solothurn

Scribal work by Helena Isabelle de Soleure

Layout of the piece is inspired by the mid-1500s printed french guitar books by Adrian Le Roy and Guillaume Morlaye.  The piece is set to French Tablature, which is the period style guitar/lute notation used by Le Roy, Morlaye, Dowland, etc.  The presentation above includes additional artistic elements (e.g. heraldry) added by Lady Helena to personalize this gift to King William.

King William's Pavan (staff notation)

 By Johann von Solothurn, composed for 5-course guitar/vihuela

Johann von Solothurn

Johann is a bard and Court Musician in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  Johann enjoys sharing his art.  If you would like Johann to assist you in organizing or judging bardic/music competitions, teaching classes, or if you would like him to drop by your camp and perform, just send him a note (email below).  

Johann von Solothurn

Barony of Black Diamond

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